April is National Volunteer Appreciation Month

OUR HOUSE staff and Board of Directors are so grateful to our DEDICATED VOLUNTEERS who have so generously remained committed to our mission throughout this challenging and unprecedented time. We celebrate and “thank” each one of you who fervently continues to help us transform the lives of grieving children, teens and adults, making a significant difference in their lives EVERYDAY. We could not bring hope, respect and understanding to the grief process WITHOUT YOU! 



Adrienne, GAP 87

Alanah, GAP 81

Alexandra, School

Alexis, Camp

Alicia, AGP 70

Alyx, Camp

Amanda, GAP 81

Amanda, School

Amanda, AGP 70

Amy, School

Andrew, Camp

Anne, School

Arianna, School

Audrey, LL V-17

Banely, School

Beth, PG 34

Beth, PG 32

Camille, School

Candy, SSP

Carmela, School

Carolyn, GAP 79

Carrie, GAP 79

Cathy, PG V-20, GAP/SIB V-18

Charlotte, School

Charlotte, Littles 12

Chelsea, SIB 31

Cheryl, Middles V-5

Chrissy, Teens V-7

Christina, School

Christine, ML 69

Christopher, SIB 30

Chuck, School

Cinthya, Padres En Duelo

Coby, GAP/SIB V-15

Cristina, SSP

David, GAP 83 YWW70

Deandra, GAP 89

Debbie, ML V-44

Debi, WLA Middles

Dee Dee, LL 17

Destiny, GAP 88

Diane, School

Donna, CG 16

Donna, ML 76, YWW 74

Dottie, ML V-41

Eileen, YWW 73

Elaine, GAP 78

Elizabeth, School

Elizabeth, School

Elizabeth, YWW 72 CG 17

Ella, ML 78

Ellen, Littles 14

Ellen, School

Francie, School

Fredda, GAP 83, ML 80

Gaby, School

Geri, SIB 30

Gill, GAP 84

Ginger, YWW V-37

Grace, School

Grif, PG 32

Heidi, Littles 5

Helene, School

Irwin, PG 33

Isaac, ML 80

Jacqueline, AGAP K-10

James, Camp

Jamie, GAP 91

Jamie, School

Jan, ML V-43

Jane, ML V-45

Janine, GAP 91

Jason, AGP/SIB V-27

Jean, Littles V-4

Jenna, SIB 28

Jennifer, AGP 68

Jennifer, School

Jennifer, GAP 89

Jessica, School

Jill, School

John, GAP 80

Jon, ML 74

Jory, PG 31

Jorge, SSP

Joyce, YWW V-35

Judith, WLA Intakes

Julie, School

Kacie, Camp

Kaitlin, AGAP K-7

Karen, AGP/SIB V-26

Karen, ML V-38

Karin, AGP 68

Kathryn, YWW 69

Kelsey, Karsh Adults

Kenneth, School

Kim, GAP 84

Kim, GAP/SIB V-17

Kimm, School

Lany, ML 70

Laura,CG 17

Leslie, AGAP K-10

Linda, SIB 28

Linda, ML 78

Liora, SSP

Lisa, School

Lisa, ML V-40

Maggi, PG 31

Malcolm, LL V-16

Maria, SSP

Maricela, SSP

Marjorie, GG 2

Marlene, Littles V-9

Marley, Littles V-4

Mary, Padres en Duelo

Mary, School

Megan, School

Meghan, School

Melissa, ML 79

Melissa, School

Meredith, ML 79

Meryl, GAP/SIB V-17

Michael, ML 43

Michelle, Camp

Michelle, CG 16

Michelle, ML V-44

Milad, School

Mimi, ML 69

Nancy, LL V-16

Nick, GAP 85

Nickola, YWW 73

Nina, Littles 5

Nita, LL V-17, GAP/SIB V-18

Pamela, PG 33

Patty, WLA Teens

Penny, Littles V-9

Ralph, YWW 68

Renee, ML V-42, YWW V-36, GAP/SIB V-16

Reva, CG V-6

Rhona, Littles 14

Rhonda, ML V-43

Robert, AGP/SIB V-26

Robin,  WLA Teens

Robin, YWW V-36, ML V-42

Robin, YWW 69

Robin, YWW 66

Rosy, School

Ruhama, YWW 69

Ruth, Middles V-5

Sandi, Littles 12

Sandy, ML V-41

Sarah, PG 32, GAP 85

Sarahi, SSP

Seiko, GAP 88

Shari, School

Sheila, School

Shelly, YWW V-37

Sheri, CG V-7

Sheri, ML 76, YWW 74

Sheryl, PG 29

Sonali, ML 43

Stacey, Teens V-7, Littles V-10, School

Staci, Littles V-10, School

Stephanie, GAP 87

Steve, WLA Adults

Steven, WLA Middles

Susan, School

Susan, GAP/SIB V-16, AGP/SIB V-28

Susan, ML V-45

Susan, ML V-40

Susan, YWW 67

Susan, School

Susanne, PG V-20

Tanja, School

Tanner, Camp

Tasha, School

Tsafi, AGP/SIB V-28

Vanessa, School

Winifred, GAP 86, SIB 29

Volunteer at OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center

Find the Position that is Right for You!


Meet OUR Longest Serving Volunteers

Volunteer Spotlight


Recognizing Chrissy:
The Longest-Standing Camp Erin LA Volunteer! 11 Years!

Q: How did you learn about OUR HOUSE?
A: I learned of OUR HOUSE from a dear friend and former volunteer, Amanda Mahoney who introduced me to the concept of grief support. Once I completed the training and began co-leading my first group, I was hooked. My love and support for OUR HOUSE only increased with the addition of Camp Erin.

Q: Why do you continue to volunteer at Camp Erin?
A: Providing these children the tools to help them navigate their individual grief journeys gives me such joy. As I witness their positive transformations, I feel such such a sense of accomplishment which is deeply rewarding. Camp Erin enriches the lives of Los Angeles’s children who might not have access to any other grief support.

Q: In honor of our 25th anniversary, what were you doing when you were 25?
A: I was working at an investment firm in Atlanta, Georgia, while learning the ropes of living in a big city, playing tons of tennis, and volunteering at Egleston Children’s Hospital.

“My experience as a volunteer for Camp Erin L.A. was completely amazing! I never knew so much love and understanding was out there for grieving children. Camp Erin is run with great integrity, compassion, and expertise. As a volunteer I felt so welcomed and cared for. I definitely will be volunteering again in the future!” – Debbie, Camp Erin Volunteer

“If you are looking for a volunteer experience working directly with others, this is one of the most valuable ways to make a difference. The opportunity to work with grieving adults and help bring hope to their lives is one of the deepest and most valuable experiences that I have ever encountered.” – Susan, OUR HOUSE Group Leader


Children’s groups always end with a ritual – a gentle squeeze of friendship and support. 

Group members stand in a circle, with hands crossed and held in front of them, and the squeeze travels around the circle one person at a time.

The squeeze is in recognition of the thoughts and feelings shared in group and a way of sending each other support.

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