Every fall, we come together to celebrate the founding of OUR HOUSE. Unfortunately, that is not possible this year. 2020 marks 27 years, and we don’t need to tell you
what it has been like. We are all in this together.

Although our doors are physically closed, our services remain open to all who need them. Since March, OUR HOUSE has adapted its services to an online platform and has provided:

“I never imagined I would find the help I needed because of the global pandemic”

When the pandemic hit, everything changed. I was furloughed from my job and Sofia was schooling from home. I felt much more isolated away from friends, family, and co-workers, but I also had more time because I was staying at home.
I learned that OUR HOUSE was doing groups online and that made it so much easier for me and Sofia. By joining a children’s group, Sofia discovered she wasn’t the only kid who had lost a parent. Best of all, I could also join a group and know that what I’m facing is normal because other widows and widowers are facing the same challenges.

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We are grateful to our staff and volunteers without whom
we could not deliver grief support services.


Michele F. Prince, LCSW
Kellie Jane Adan
Eva Adler
Shannon Boren
Carolyn Christ, MA
Jill Cooper, MSW

Joshua Goldman, MA
Madelaine Goodreau, LCSW
Brenda Hernandez, MA, MFT
Timothy Johnson
Farrah Mikail

Sylvia Moskovitz, JD
Nidia Ortega
Sarah Painter, MSW
Talya Schlesinger, MSW
Lauren Schneider, LCSW

Lucia Singer
Elsa Stefanian, LCSW
Jason Van Over
Fredda Wasserman, LMFT
Joanne Weingarten, Psy D


Milad, School
Penny, Littles V-9
Mary, Padres en Duelo
Audrey, LL V-15
Carrie, GAP 79
Michael, ML 43
Banely, School
Arianna, School
Charlotte, Littles 12
Julie, School
Jessica, School
Michelle, Camp
Susanne, PG V-20
Tasha, School
Debi, WLA Middles
Heidi, Littles 5
Adrienne, GAP 87
Dottie, ML V-41
Charlotte, School
Susan, SIB 25
Robin, WLA Teens
Beth, PG 32
Andrew, Camp
Mimi, ML 69
Jill, School
Elaine, GAP 78
Maria, SSP
Daisy, School
Cristina, SSP
Tanner, Camp
Marlene, Littles V-9
Stacey, Teens V-7, Littles V-10, School
Amanda, School
Susan, School
Deandra, GAP 89
Francie, School
Kimm, School
Jane, AGP/SIB V-24
Susan, GAP/SIB V-16
Carmela, School
Susan, AGP/SIB V-24
Ginger,  YWW V-37
Staci,  Littles V-10, School
Tanja,  School
Leslie,  AGAP K-10

Amanda, GAP 81
Irwin, PG 33
Donna, CG 16
Helene, School
Ellen, School
Vanessa,  School
Shelly,  YWW V-37
Beth, PG 34
Jennifer, AGP 68
Donna, ML 76
Jory,  PG 31
Kim, GAP 84
Marjorie, GG 2
Melissa, ML 79
Steve, WLA Adults
Christine, ML 69
Coby, GAP/SIB V-15
Kathryn, YWW 69
Michelle, CG 16
Jennifer, School
Carolyn, GAP 79
Elizabeth,  YWW 72 CG 17
Kayla, WH Adults
Cinthya,  Padres En Duelo
Jennifer,  GAP 89
Elizabeth, School
Patty, WLA Teens
Sheri, CG V-7
Malcolm, LL V-16
Robin,  YWW V-36
Alan,  PG V-17
Ruth, Middles V-5
Rhonda, ML V-43
Linda,  ML 78
Jean, Littles V-4
Sonali, ML 43
Susan, School
Reva, CG V-6
Steven, WLA Middles
Megan, School
Gaby, School
Jamie, School
Diane, School
Lany, ML 70
Kacie, Camp

Seiko, GAP 88
Anne, School
Robin, YWW 69
Susan, ML V-40
Alexis, Camp
Jacqueline, AGAP K-10
Judith, WLA Intakes
Nita, AGP/SIB V-25
Alexandra, School
Shari, School
Lisa, School
Ruhama, YWW 69
Melissa, School
Jason, CG V-7
Grace, School
Kenneth, School
Meghan, School
Joyce, YWW V-35
Audrey, SIB 25
Sandy, ML V-41
Grif,  PG 32
Nancy, LL V-16
Liora, GG 2
James, Camp
Laura, CG 17
Nina,  Littles 5
Linda, SIB 28
Ralph, YWW 68
Destiny, GAP 88
Candy, SSP
Sheri, ML 76
Karin, AGP 68
Karen, AGP/SIB V-26
Stephanie, GAP 87
Jenna, SIB 28
Lisa, ML V-40
Rosy, School
Eileen, YWW 73
Alanah, GAP 81
Meryl, GAP/SIB V-17
Elizabeth, School
Jon,  ML 74
Nickola, YWW 73
David, GAP 83 YWW70

Sandi, Littles 12
Mary, School
Kim, GAP/SIB V-17
Alyx, Camp
Kaitlin, AGAP K-7
Amy,  School
Ellen, Littles 14
Marley, Littles V-4
Gill, GAP 84
Karen, ML V-38
Ella, ML 78
Cathy, YWW V-34
Robert, AGP/SIB V-26
Susan, YWW67
Sheila, School
Camille, School
Meredith, ML 79
Dee Dee, LL 17
Nick,GAP 85
Pamela, PG 33
Rhona, Littles 14
Winifred,GAP 86
Robin, YWW 66
Fredda, GAP 83
Chuck, School
Sheryl, PG 29
Renee, ML V-42 YWW V-36
John, GAP 80
Maggi, PG 31
Cheryl, Middles V-5
Chrissy, Teens V-7
Jan, ML V-43

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